Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can smoking cigarettes cause a false pregnancy test? ?

I am just wondering if anyone knows whether or not smoking cigarettes can cause a false pregnancy test? Can you also give me links to back up your answers. Please and thank you.Can smoking cigarettes cause a false pregnancy test? ?
No it would have no effect on a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests detect a certain amount of hormone in your body that you only produce when you are pregnant. If it is there, the test would be positive. If it is negative, it is either bc you are not pregnant or you tested too early while the levels were too low to be detected. In that case you should wait at least 2 days and test again. Bc the HCG levels double every 2-3 days. It has nothing to do with smoking.Can smoking cigarettes cause a false pregnancy test? ?
No it can't. A pregnancy test only detects HcG in your system and nothing can dilute HcG or give you an inaccurate result unless you test too early and there isn't enough hormone in your system.

How do I know this? I smoked like chimney before I found out I was pregnant with my first and I still got a positive.
no...smoking does not affect a pregnancy test's results...preg tests detect the amount of hormone's in your urine....and smoking cannot increase ore decrease hormone levels...
No, because pregnancy tests look for HcG levels, not nicotine levels. I dont have a link to back it up tho, sorry.

Pregnancy test rarely give false positives.
Uh no. Smoking has nothing to do with you HCG horomone production.
no angelaa%26lt;3 a pregnancy test measures Hcg levels not nicotine levels. Good luck

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